The Art of Aether

The Art of Aether

Aether or ether was long believed to be what filled the celestial sky, what the stars were placed in, the energy of the cosmos, and the energy of the gods. Chi, prana, energy. It is the collection of invisible forces that fill all the spaces around us and inside us. Some of us have taken the time to pause and pay attention to it, study it, observe, and try and understand it.


I grew up with a family that had their heads solidly in the world of medicine. My mother worked in the Lab and my father in Radiology. This predisposed my love of blood, tissue, and bones at a very early age. My obsession with art coupled with my obsession of the body has guided me through my young adult life. My energetic observation soon ran full force into the medical illustrator in me. The resulting explosion ignited an awakening that I hadn’t anticipated.

I’ve spent the better part of my early 20s honing my energetic observations, filling sketchbooks with my musings. The more I looked, the more I could see and the results can be found in the gallery. I tried to approach my readings in a scientific way and go about things as unbiased as possible. I learned that if I distracted my brain and allowed myself to just draw, the results became far more accurate. This phenomenon told me that my conscious brain, the one that wrangled with the reality of the now and what other people may think, complicated the process. Remove as much conscious decision making and second guessing, and the truth drove my hand. This observation has helped my technique blossom into what it is today.


My style has shifted over time. I originally went to college for Sequential Art which is a fancy term for ‘Comic Books.’ The first set of drawings from my earliest sketchbook are observational studies with metaphysical information ghosted on top of it. I was seeing the person and their aura primarily. Further studying and learning to look past that fancy, outer shell presented outlines of bodies with the energy centers sketched and labelled. Today, they have taken on quite an alien looking form. I strip away as much of the physical as I can. Many energy bodies are quite larger than the physical body or very smaller, so placing them on top of human anatomy can be tricky or jarring. Drawing the energetic separately gives more focus on it rather than how it sits over your current, fleshy bits. I can still overlap, but this takes several images to show as the bodies will sometimes distort the energetic.


In my next post I’ll explain my studies of the energetic anatomy, what some of my images mean, and how to interpret the images all on your own.